VaporTech is not a new name in the vaping industry. The company has been around for some years and is known for its innovative products. The Vapor 1500 is part of the Vapo disposable pod system series from VaporTech.

This is a hassle-free vaping device that is very easy to use. It comes pre-filled, and precharged. You can start vaping it once you take it out of the box. The device looks very stylish. It is white and has a duck-billed mouthpiece.

The VaporTech Vapo 1500 comes in different flavors. You can opt for Star Berry, Melonade, Summer Menthol, Cherry Banana Ice Cream, Peach, Sorbetto, Cherry Lemonade, Cool Kiwi, and Lemon Lime. In this article, we’ll be focusing particularly on Star Berry.

Star Berry Vape 1500 pod contains a mixed berries e-juice that will appeal to everyone who loves the taste of berries. Like other Vapo 1500 vapes, you get a bold, natural taste from this e-liquid. The Vapor 1500 heating mechanism is designed to provide just the right amount of heat to allow you to enjoy your e-liquid flavor to the max.

Each Vapo 1500 pod system contains 6.5ml of e-juice. This is more than three times the e-juice capacity of most pod systems you will find on the market. You should be able to get up to 1500 puffs from the device before it runs out of e-juice and battery power. There is only one nicotine concentration option for Vapo 1500 pods; 5% (50mg). These pods are infused with a nicotine salt formula so you can be assured that it vapes smoothly. There is no overheating. You can vape with the Vapo 1500 for a long time without any issues. The drip tip doesn’t overheat, and the battery doesn’t go out before the massive 6.5ml pod is empty.

The Vapo 1500 is one of the most powerful pod systems on the market. If you prefer pod devices, you will love this one from VaporTech. The fact that you can vape for a long time without having to swap pods is so welcome. I bet you can use this device for a few days or even an entire week before you’ll need to replace it.

The Vapo 1500 by VaporTech is recommended for both newbies and seasoned vapers. It has a restricted mouth-to-lung draw, but vapes very smoothly.

You get the best price when you buy Vapo Tech pods directly from the VaporTech USA online store. You can choose to buy a single pod or a pack of ten. Visit the VaporTech store today and check them out. This company doesn’t only sell pod systems, but also batteries, e-liquids, coils, and more.