Puff Bar Disposable Device by Puff Review

To stand out in the market today, a vape device needs to be unique in every way. Ever since disposable vape devices hit the vape market, there has never been a time when they were not in demand. The Puff Bar is a glaring example of the many benefits of disposable vape devices. If you are looking for a convenient way to start vaping high concentrations of nicotine, the Puff Bar is an ideal solution.


The Puff Bar is pretty affordable. Rather than buying the Puff Bar Disposable Vape Device only $7.99, you can get it much cheaper on Atomic Dog Vapor for $4.99. This allows you to buy as many units as you want without feeling like you are spending too much. Using Puff Bars other than a traditional pack of cigarettes would still save you a chunk of money in the long run. 

The device comes sealed in a cellophane wrapper that is tucked away in a compact box. You open the box using the top flab to give you access to the Puff Bar vape device. The box has a small viewing window on the front that allows you to see the color of the Puff Bar device before even accessing it. On the box is all the necessary information like the ejuice flavor profile, nicotine warning, and the Puff trademark logo. 

Design and Build

Straight out of its pack, the Puff Bar looks like a well-made vape device. It is lightweight, feels sturdy, and it is easy to use. You can get vaping right away. The device has a close resemblance to a regular USB flash drive or the more popular JUUL device. It stands 96mm tall and 6mm wide. Its small form factor allows you to easily slip the Puff Bar into the pocket of your jeans without any obvious bulges. The Puff Bar has straight edges, more like a small rectangle. The edges hep the ergonomics of the device making it comfortable to hold in your hand and giving you a better grip so you do not mistakenly drop it.

The Puff Bar disposable device uses a convenient draw-activated firing mechanism that takes away the need for buttons on the body of the device. Every component that makes the Puff Bar work is housed within the plastic covering. The body of the device comes in an assortment of colors which depends on the flavor that you choose.Puff Bar Disposable Device by Puff Review

On the body of the device are the Puff logo and an arrow. The arrow points towards the end of the device where you will find two escape holes that serve as the mouthpiece.

The device comes prefilled with 1.3ml of ejuice. There are a ton of ejuice flavors you can choose from. All their ejuice flavors are crafted using high-quality ingredients to produce well balanced and flavorful blends. 

Housed within the plastic chassis is the device’s 280mAh battery that is just enough to keep you vaping until you have gone through your ejuice. The battery guarantees about 200 to 400 puffs is equal to a pack of cigarettes. However, this depends on how much and how frequently you vape. Since the battery is non-rechargeable, you simply dispose of the unit when you are done and pick up another. The Puff Bar comes with helpful protections like short-circuit protection and overheating protection.Puff Bar Disposable Device by Puff Review

Nicotine Concentration

The Puff Bar comes with both 20MG and 50MG of nicotine. The device uses a salt nicotine formula rather than freebase nicotine. This allows you to vape nicotine concentrations as high as 50MG and still expect a smooth and flowing throat hit rather than the harsh throat hit that you would get from freebase nicotine. You can choose your preferred nicotine level when you buy the Puff Bar from the Atomicdogvapor online store.


If you are a fan of a loose mouth-to-lung (MTL) draw, the Puff Bar will deliver just that. The flavor production is great. For such an affordable device, you would be surprised how much flavor you will be inhaling. The vapor production is quick, The Puff Bar does not lag while you use it. Even though there is no way to regulate the airflow, you will still get a good kick. 


In only a few words, the Puff Bar is a simple all-in-one nicotine delivery system. If you are a transitioning smoker or you fancy a nice blend of rich flavor and a strong nicotine hit, the Puff Bar disposable device by Puff is your go-to device.