STLTH PEAK Summit Pods Review

When you look in the direction of closed pod systems, manufacturers like STLTH stand out even though they can be said to be relatively newcomers to the vaping industry. Over the years, STLTH has risen to become an industry leader in the market as a result of their portability, ease of use, flavor options, overall design, and affordability. Within such a short time, STLTH has come up with more than 10 successful ejuice flavors. Some of which you already know, flavors like: crisp apple, tobacco blend, tundra berry, flavourless, strawberry, and many more. All of which you should be able to find in any vape shop Toronto has to offer.

Pod Design

The STLTH pod is designed in Canada and measures about 12cm x 3cm x 3cm making it easy to carry about together with your STLTH device. The pods itself has a 2ml ejuice capacity which is significantly more than many of the prefilled pod variations on the market. Each prefilled pod should last you about 2 to 5 days depending on how often you use your STLTH device. The pods have a smooth draw, allowing you to enjoy your vaping sessions to the full. They are particularly tailored to deliver a simple, convenient, and discreet vaping experience. They are leak free so you don’t bother about spilling your ejuice when carrying your STLTH pods around.

Flavor Profile

STLTH Peak summit pods are an encapsulated explosion of sweet frozen fruit flavors especially designed for STLTH users. One drag of this ejuice formula and you will be blasted off to the summit of vape Everest. Peak summit STLTH pods feature an icy blend of frosty strawberries accented with a kiwi body and finished beautifully by a tart pomegranate flavor on the exhale. The pleasant aftertaste of this Peak summit ejuice will keep you reminiscing on your last drag. STLTH has been known to create ejuice formulas that taste just as advertised, without any chemical undertones whatsoever. 

Flavor and Vapor Production

The Peak summit ejuice formula in these STLTH pods contains high-quality vegetable glycerin (VG) and propylene glycol (PG) with a 50/50 ratio. This base ratio lends this ejuice an avenue to deliver the best of both worlds. Whether you like to drown in pure and bold flavor, or you prefer to dance around in vapor clouds, STLTH peak summit ejuice will do a good job especially for a pod device.STLTH PEAK Summit Pods Review

Nicotine Strength

STLTH makes use of a proprietary nicotine salt formula that accommodates high levels of nicotine so that even adult smokers can find it easy to make the switch from smoking to vaping. STLTH peak summit pods are available in 20mg (2.0%), 35mg (3.5%), and 50mg (5.0%) nicotine concentrations. 

If you are a vaper that prefers high levels of nicotine, you will be able to get a strong and satisfying throat hit from the versions with 30mg (3.5%), and 50mg (5.0%). It is advisable to start off with the 30mg (3.5%) version which is roughly equivalent to a pack of cigarettes. If you are not used to high levels of nicotine, these ones will definitely take some getting used to. Regardless, thanks to the high-quality nicotine salt formula, you should still expect smooth and flowing throat hits.


It is impossible to miss a STLTH pack when you see it. The STLTH pods are neatly packed in a small straightforward box. On the body of the box, you will find all the necessary information concerning the STLTH Peak summit pods that are in the pack. Each pack contains three STLTH pods which are already pre-filled with the peak summit ejuice formula. On Hazetown Vapes, you can buy a pack of STLTH Peak Summit pods for $12.00, much affordable for a high-end pre-filled pod vaping device. If you were an adept smoker, you will find that this is a much more cost effective solution to buying packs and packs of cigarettes. STLTH PEAK Summit Pods Review


If you are a fan of fruity ejuice flavors, STLTH peak summit ejuice will appeal to your inner vaper. If you are new to vaping and still trying to get your feet on the ground, STLTH is one manufacturer that has got your back. Hazetown Vapes is also the right place to buy authentic vape devices and products from STLTH as well as an array of vape manufacturers. Even experienced vapers are bound to have their caps blown off when it comes to STLTH vaping.