There are many e-juice steeping methods— some quickly and some gradually. Regardless of the method, you are using, it is often safer to steep in a glass than plastic bottles. Plastic bottles will either melt or ruin your e-juice taste. Let’s start with the slow steeping process.

Slow and simple steeping

The slow approach can be employed in situations when you are not in a hurry to use the DIY e-juice recipes. Depending on the flavor, it normally takes 2-3 weeks. Traditionally, remove the wrapping from the bottles and place the bottles in a cool dark package. Shake the bottles once a day to make sure they are not struck by light. When they are struck by light, the vape juice is tarnished. Periodically, open the bottles to allow air to enter and speed up the process of oxidation.

Water Bath

The water bath approach is recommended if it is your first time steeping. It’s straightforward, inexpensive, and simple. The process includes dunking the e-liquid into warm water which helps the molecules to mix up faster. The most popular approach is to put the bottle of vape juice up the neck in a cup of hot tap water (not the kettle) with the top off. The juice must be left in the cup before the water cools down. After the water refreshes, remove the top and shake the bottle. Take a sniff and try it. You should use a dripper for the examination. If the flavor is still lacking, just repeat the cycle until the desired results have been achieved. If the cap is preferred, you must place the bottle in the plastic bag.

The Backpack Method

And you didn’t like the thought of walking around with an e-juice bottle attached to your car’s side. That is all right, then let’s go for a jog! Throw your e-liquid into a bag or pocket of your choosing, put on your favorite running music, and head to the park and back for a ten-minute sprint. Your juice will most likely be combined with a mild headache when you return. If not, you can either go out for round two or remember that rapid steeping is far too hard, and throw it into a dark drawer like the rest of us.

The Rice Method

This approach takes little effort and works well. Put some rice in a bowl big enough to fit into and heat your e-liquid bottle in the microwave. Heat it enough that it’s hot but not so hot that you can give burns from touching your hand in the third degree. Deep your juice bottle in the rice and leave it there before the rice gets cold. If vape is nice enough then you’re free to go. Alternatively, this process can be repeated until your e-liquid is worth enough to fill your tank; or drip on to your atomizer, if it’s more of your thing.

There is so much you can learn about steeping up your e-juice. When you haven’t found a flavor that you like, just pick the one that came close and try to steep it to see how close you get to something that you love. Only note, not all vapers think of steeping in their e-juice as a way to add some flavors. Some just like the puffs straight off the rack. Remember if you enjoy DIY e-juice there’s no better place to get your e-liquid than Flavorah. With Flavorah you can follow an e-liquid recipe to save money making e-juice.