Fcukin Flava Frosty Hacks Low Mint tastes of eucalyptus, menthol and liquorice. It was inspired by the Hacks sweet, made by a Malaysian sweet company born in the 1950’s that is still popular today. Originally conceived as a medicated cough sweet, it has a herbally and medicinal character to it. Fcukin Flava Frosty Hacks Low Mint represents the lower menthol version of this freebase ejuice. The base flavor of Fcukin Flava Frosty Hacks Low Mint is the taste of liquorice. Unmistakably medicinal and herbal tasting, it is complemented by eucalyptus and menthol for a very mild cooling effect. When you inhale it, you will quickly identify its herbal and restorative vibes. This is made for those that like the style of vaping where you get spicy, rich aromas instead of fruity flavors in your nasal passageway. Fcukin Flava Frosty Hacks Low Mint is like the modern therapeutic ejuice made for recuperative relaxation. Recommended settings for optimum flavor of this ejuice is 0.5ohm single coil.

Fcukin Flava Frosty Hacks Low Mint is brewed by the geniuses behind Fcukin Flava. Their world class flavor line-up has won numerous praises in the United Kingdom and greater Europe. Showcasing their flavors at Europe’s biggest vape expos since the early days of vaping have reaped rewards as can be seen by their products stocking the shelves of many vape shops in Europe. Fcukin Flava was started in Malaysia, home to 2 million vapers, despite being a country with only 30 million population. Fcukin Flava has a large team of 30 people to maintain their company in manufacturing, marketing and distribution.

Fcukin Flava Frosty Hacks Low Mint is available in a wide variety of nicotine strengths including 0mg, 3mg and 6mg. It is also available in the regular menthol version if you prefer. You can pick up a bottle of Fcukin Flava Frosty Hacks Low Mint for US10.95 for a 60ml bottle from Punk Juice Vape Store located in Malaysia. Punk Juice Vape Store ships to the USA and other countries using DHL Express with a 7 day delivery time.