Lazarus Naturals CBD Isolate Tincture is carefully processed and formulated in-house. This is a flavorless CBD tincture and it is priced affordably – around $39.99 to $124.99. This is a high potency tincture so it is more than three times as effective as other CBD tinctures on the market. The potency is one of the most important things to consider when buying a CBD oil. Many factors differentiate one CBD product from another, but the potency is the kicker, which defines everything from a product’s cost to its ultimate therapeutic efficacy.

Lazarus Naturals High Potency CBD Isolate Tincture comes in a 60ml bottle with 3000mg of CBD. You can also get this product in a 15ml bottle with 750mg of CBD. This product comes with graduated droppersso you can quickly see how much tincture you are getting. Each ml of this tincture gives you 50mg of CBD. This CBD tinctures is made from CBD isolate and fractionated coconut oil.

Lazarus Naturals’ High Potency CBD Isolate Tincture can be used sublingually. You can also use this CBD-infused oil to prepare cook or bake with it, but remember that at higher temperatures CBD will lose its effectiveness.

Your optimal dosage of CBD is determined by several factors including your weight, metabolism, and genetics. Because the endocannabinoid system of each person is different, some people only need a small amount of CBD to get their desired benefits while others may need much higher doses to achieve the same effects. If this is your first attempt at CBD, we suggest that you start with a small dose of just 5-10 mg and then increase it later if you wish. It can take you 30-90 minutes to feel the effects, so wait until 2 hours before you ingest another dose.

When you browse through a range of CBD items online, you will notice that some products are branded as “99 percent pure CBD” or “CBD Isolate.” Remember, when buying CBD oil, ensure that your supplier provides third-party lab test results.

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