The Tance Max is one of the latest devices from Eleaf. It has a lot of exciting features which makes it appealing to not only newbies but also seasoned vapers. With the Tance Max, you can customize your vaping experience thanks to its replaceable coils and adjustable airflow. There are many pod kit devices on the market, but the Eleaf Tance Max is one of the best pod kits on the market. It is unique, and it offers a lot of things that you wouldn’t get from other devices.

The Eleaf Tance Max measures 101mm by 31mm by 20.5mm, and it weighs 87.5g. It has an ergonomic design, and it feels comfortable in hand. Also, the flattened mouthpiece feels nice. You can vape with this device for several hours without any issues. The Tance Max fits nicely in your pocket or bag too so you can carry it around easily.

Perhaps, the most striking feature of the Tance Max is its massive 1100mAh battery. There are not many devices with such a massive battery capacity. There is an LED light in the middle of the firing button, which shows the status of your battery power. The light flashes green when the battery life is between 100 percent and 60 percent; blue when it is between 59 percent and 10 percent; and red when it is between 19 percent and 0 percent. Therefore, you can tell when it is time to charge the device. This Eleaf pod comes with a Type-C USB cable for charging. It takes just 45 minutes to one hour to charge the device when the battery is empty.

The Eleaf Tance Max has a maximum wattage output of 15W and a wattage range of 0.3ohm to 3ohms. The device comes with two coils; one 0..6ohm kanthal mesh coil and a 1.6ohm stainless steel coil. Both coils work exceptionally well. However, if you are looking to produce huge clouds of vapor, you are better off going for the sub ohm coil. You can install your coil on the Tance Max by screwing it into the middle section of your pod. There is threading on the coil and the pod which makes the process easy. The airflow control is located at the base of the coil head. Simply turn the ring to control the airflow that you get. You will find four holes at the base of the coil, and as you turn the ring, they become blocked. When all four holes are opened, you get maximum airflow. The Tance Max may not be the best device for cloud chasers, but it produces impressively thick and huge clouds considering its small size. The pod that comes with the Eleaf Tance Max can hold 4ml of e-liquid. There is a TPD compliant version which can hold only 2ml of e-juice. To refill the pod, you need to turn it upside down and slide away the cover of the refilling port. The device is leakproof. Also, it comes with short-circuit protection and low voltage protection.

The Tance Max has everything that you need to maximize the fun during your vaping sessions. You can get this pod kit from for around $30.92 and $36.80.