You remember you must take in the vapor in a different way when you shift to the sub ohm vaping. You cannot use the usual approaches like into-the-mouth and into-the-lung. You should inhale the vapor straight to the lungs. All setups for sub ohm vaping are directly to-lung inhales. Let us discuss the three ways you can sub ohm vape depending on the kind of atomizer you choose. These are also ideal for the beginners in vaping.

Rebuildable Dripping Atomizers (RDAs)

Are you aware that this is the initial method when sub ohm vaping? Yes, it is. The term “Drippers” is the alternative name of RDAs. These gadgets are often smaller than tank atomizers and produce stellar flavor. They have a deck wherein the user forms coils. Apart from coils, they also come with a cotton wick. The user constructs a heating coil to achieve their desired coil resistance.

The user can tie the coils to the deck using the screwdriver and wicking material. Then, the user can attach the gadgets to the mechanical mods or box mods through a standard 510 connection or a hybrid connection. The user begins vaping and places drops of e-liquid on the coils and into the reservoir surrounding it. The e-liquid starts to soak the coil and cotton wick when the user introduces a few puffs. Each few puffs, you can re-drip one at a time.

Rebuildable Tank Atomizers (RTAs or RDTAs)

If you are the type of vaper who prefers the same vaping experience as with Rebuildable Dripping Atomizers but no dripping continuously and completely, RTAs are for you. This is an advanced kind of RDAs. These gears still need the users to build the coil inside it. They contain a tank for the e-liquid, not a small reservoir. You may customize the design of the coils and produce the exact vaping experience that you desire.

The number of vapers who appreciate this approach is increasing. They find RTAs as less excessive. RTAs allows you to freely build and customize the coil. They offer good flavor and provide large volume of vapors. There are also hybrid RTAs available on the market. This means these gadgets are between a traditional dipper and the sub ohm tank. But RTAs produce high-temperature vapor that can burn your lips, so be cautious while sub ohm vaping.

Pre-Built Sub Ohm Tanks

If you are new to vaping, this approach is suitable for you. Your life is easy with sub ohm tanks. The previous gadgets need some skills to construct and form coils appropriately. Your vaping experience matters because of factors such as coil position and wicking. Pre-built sub ohm tanks solve these issues.

You can try sub ohm vaping but cannot construct anything yet with sub ohm tanks. You must secure the pre-built coil heads that are disposable to let the tanks work well. These coils are similar to a standard clearomizer. You can buy these coils from manufacturers. Visit to gain more information about these coils. You can also connect the tanks on any mod with 30 watts or higher.

You don’t have to worry yourself that you will not find this approach satisfying. This is because the current tanks for sub ohm vaping are efficient. You can experience vaping like the RTAs and RDAs. You can change the coils right away. The level of consistency on the coils doesn’t rely on your skills in building the coils.

Final Thoughts

Sub ohm vaping provides many benefits including richer flavor, more vapor, and warmer vapor. It guarantees you the best vaping experience as long as you remember safety precautions. Understanding the three ways you can sub ohm vape helps you know if this vaping style is right for you and make the final decision.