It is hard to get a free vape juice today. The Sauce LA is one of the few companies offering a BOGO e-juice deal. And they are not just giving away mediocre vape liquids. So who’s excited?

The Sauce BOGO e-juice offer allows you to try different vape juice flavors from the famous The Sauce LA line. And the price is quite surprising. You get two 120mL bottles plus one 60mL bottle for as low as $49.99 only! I can say this is worth it. Besides, 300mL of e-juice will last a long time.

There are five unique e-juice flavors available for The Sauce LA BOGO Sauce offer.

Here are the e-liquid flavors to choose from.


This vape juice is The Sauce LA’s attempt at capturing America’s favorite milk and fruity cereal breakfast. On the very first puff, you can pick out the distinct taste of Fruit Loops cereal! It also reminded me of Bam Bam’s Cannolis without the cannolis of course.

You get a nice and milky Fruit Loop flavor on the inhale and exhale when vaping this e-juice. The citrus flavor is very noticeable. This e-liquid is also pretty sweet, so it will suit vapers who have a sweet tooth. It tastes like a blend of sugar, milk, and cereal.

Overall, this is a nice rendition of Fruit Loops. It tastes similar to other e-liquids like Bird Brains and Looper.

Model Tea

This vape juice has an incredible and unique taste that you will enjoy. On the inhale, you get a sweet and fruity flavor. The green tea flavor comes through on the exhale. This is a perfect all day vape. It is neither too sweet or too fruity.

As a tea lover, Model Tea e-juice is one for the books. The flavor is authentic.


“Rich, strawberry rainbow sherbet ice cream.”

Rainbow sherbet, ripe strawberry, and Bavarian cream — these are the three flavors you can get from Ace. With this e-juice, you can enjoy as much ice cream flavor as you want without the calories.

On the inhale, you can taste the sherbet ice cream flavor alongside notes of strawberry flavor. The exhale adds a mild creamy finish to the blend. Ace e-juice is a mouthwatering dessert vape juice. The sweetness is quite intense, but it does not get overpowering.


If you are a menthol lover, you need to consider adding this vape juice to your collection. The Sauce LA’s 1922 is a blend of tangerine, strawberry, kiwi, and lime flavor. The tangerine flavor dominates this blend, and the strawberry appears on the tail end. The kiwi is virtually lost in the blend. And the mint… well, it is moderate. The lime flavor is nice. It is not too tart or acidic at all.

So, if you are up for a minty tropical blend, then 1922 is the vape juice for you.  


This is perhaps my least favorite of them all. According to The Sauce LA, you can expect “tangy tangerine with assorted tropical notes and strawberry on the exhale.” I had a hard time finding the flavor. It was generally citrus, and it was too sweet for me.

I did not give up easily though. I let it steep for a few days. In fairness, I noticed an improvement in the flavor after steeping. The notes of tangerine and lime were more noticeable. I wonder how the flavor will change after steeping this for another week? Hmmm…

All these vape juices have a vegetable glycerin and propylene glycol ratio of 80/20. You can expect immense clouds of vapor from this e-liquid. The throat hit is  moderate in intensity. There are three nicotine strengths to choose from. You can get these e-liquids with either 0mg, 3mg or 6mg of nicotine. Head over to The Sauce LA to grab not one but three bottles of your favorite e-juices!