If there is one thing certain, it’s that e-liquid flavors are limitless. If you just think about all the food and drinks that nature has to provide, you probably get the idea. There are thousands of e-juice flavors on the market, and new ones are being released every day. Creating the perfect e-juice blend requires some mastery.

Vapers, like myself, often combine e-liquids to create something new, but this requires some knowledge. You will find many e-liquid flavor pairing charts that allow you to make different combos.

Pairing Two Pre-Manufactured E-Juice Flavors

The easiest way to pair e-juice flavors is by mixing already-made e-liquids. The difficulty resides in finding the choice of flavors that go well together. For example, mixing a green peppermint e-liquid with a chocolate e-liquid at a 50/50 ratio will give you a mint chocolate chip e-juice. Also, mixing a strawberry e-liquid with a vanilla e-liquid at equal proportions will give you a strawberry and cream e-juice.

The internet is full of flavor pairing chart guides that allows you to determine which flavors would work well together.

Pairing Two E-juice Flavors from Scratch

To pair two e-juice flavors from scratch, you’ll have to know how to make e-liquids by mixing all the ingredients. There are many step-by-step guides on the subject that you will find helpful.

When it comes to flavoring, the essential thing to note is that the combination of two or more e-juice flavors depends on exact measurements. You will need equipment such as syringes, graduated cylinders, and protective gloves.

Your vape juice mix has to be precise. The determining factor is the bottle capacity. Generally, you should have a max limit of adding 20% of flavoring to the total volume of your blend. More than 20% may result in an e-juice that is either syrupy, bitter or overpowering.

For example, if your bottle can contain 120 ml of e-juice and your desired flavors are strawberry and banana, you have the choice of adding 20% of both flavors to the total 120ml volume. You can go for 10% of strawberry and 14% of banana because 20% of 120 is 24. You can also use a lower proportion flavoring like for instance 3% strawberry and 3% banana. Just keep in mind the max limit is 20% for flavoring.

Some Delicious E-juice Flavor Combos

The flavors that you use in your e-liquid will depend on your personal preference. In the strawberry and banana example, if you like strawberry more than banana, then a combination of 14% strawberry and 6% banana may have strawberry as the dominant flavor. Some flavors that make fantastic combos include:

  • Coffee and Menthol
  • Rum and Tobacco
  • Strawberry and Whipped Cream
  • Tobacco flavors and Fruits
  • Kiwi and Strawberry
  • Honey and Apple

Taste is subjective, and you may already have some flavors in mind that you would like to mix.


The art of blending different e-juice flavors is similar to cooking. There are certain flavors that go perfectly well together and others that do not. As you learn more about vaping, you will quickly find that one of the pleasures of vaping is the possibility of creating uniquely personalized flavors. Novice vapers may find it difficult to figure out DIY juice blending combinations because of the many different e-liquid flavors on the market.

One way to learn more about vaping and different e-juice flavors is to join online vaping communities. You will find new tips for vaping and interesting flavor combinations. When mixing e-liquids, always keep notes of the quantities so that you can recreate the same blend if you like it.