There are many different types of vaping devices on the market today. You will find mods, vape pens, and more. Some have very peculiar shapes like Atomic Dog Vapor Cuban eCigars which have the look and feel of a real cigar. It is made with the latest technology.

The eCigar is very easy to carry. You can place it in your pocket just like a pen. The advantage of the eCigar is that you can vape anywhere and at any time. You can even vape at locations where there is a ban on cigarettes. The eCigar does not produce any vapor. The smoke and the nice aroma dissipates in a mist. There is no heavy cigar smell or tar chemical taste.

Cuban eCigar Specification
With the Cuban eCigar, you will get delightful vaping experience. It gives you the feeling of using a real cigar. It looks and feels like the real cigar.

• A single eCigar gives you up to 1800 puffs
• It has a tip that is soft like a real cigar.
• There is a blue LED that gives the impression of ash as you vape.
• Available with 24 mg of nicotine strength or light with nicotine strength of 12 mg

About Cuban eCigars
Atomic Dog Vapor Cuban eCigar has the real taste of tobacco. When you hold it, it’s like a real hand-rolled cigar. Unlike other ecigs where you have to drip the e-juice or fill the tank, with the eCigar, there is no dripping or tank filling. The eCigar comes with a builtin e-liquid. It includes a battery that powers the eCigar. It is non-reusable. A single eCigar offers 1800 puffs – that is the equivalent of three packs of cigarettes.

There is a choice between nicotine levels of 12 mg and 24 mg. These levels are medium and strong levels of nicotine throat hits respectively. There is a nice tingling sensation at the back of the throat. However, you will not feel discomfort such as a burning or itching.

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The website is user friendly. You can navigate the pages very easily to find products and the procedure for payment is secured and simplified. There is an online chat for any queries you might have. There is excellent customer service and very quick delivery of orders. When you purchase an eCigar from Atomic Dog Vapor, you make some fantastic savings because of the price. Plus, you also obtain a high-quality eCigar.

If you like the taste of tobacco, Cuban eCigars can easily be an all-day thing for you. The tobacco used is from the island of Cuba. This type of tobacco is considered among the best worldwide. Cuba has been cultivating tobacco for hundreds of years. The first cigar created in Cuba was during the period of King Philip II of Spain (1527 – 1598).
There is something about Cuban tobacco that makes you desire more of it. There is a nice sweetness alongside the flavor of tobacco. You will be delighted with the taste. It is a great vape to indulge with a cup of coffee or tea. You can vape in the morning hours just after breakfast, or when you have a break in the office. You can even vape an eCigar in a public area, on the bus, a cafe, and anywhere of your liking.

Atomic Dog Vapor uses only the best ingredients for its products. You will not feel any chemical aftertaste in your mouth which would suggest artificial flavoring. Instead, there is a slightly sweet flavor on the lips and hints of tobacco. You can easily become hooked to the flavor of Cuban eCigars.

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